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tota about us

The Eureka moment for TOTA Industries Co., ltd came in 2004, when our founder Mr Lee saw many people around him living in poverty and the Huge demand for food products in global markets in the meantime. He made a choice: open a pinata and confetti factory to help the people who is living in poverty.

In 2007, TOTA begain a plastic molding factory to produce plastic balloon sticks and cups, balloon weights, then expanded products to plastic balloon accessories and toys.

In 2015, The molded pulp production line was installed to produce the pinatas inner bladder and then we expanded our products to molded pulp packaging, molded fiber feeder pot, and molded pulp tablewares, Molded pulp crafts. The molded pulp balloon cup and paper straw are TOTA's new patented products. They are made of 100% paper fiber, 100% BIO products. 

From humble beginnings TOTA is now an award-winning company with Local Government, 300works, and a 30,000 ft² workshop just outside of Qingdao.




We are customer obsessed. We do the right thing for our customers and the environment.


We are best when we unlock each other’s full potential. We help and empower each other, working as one team who collaborate and communicate in a respectful and inclusive way.


We care passionately about the work we do and tackle every situation with an open mind and a positive attitude. We find innovative ways to solve problems and get the job done.


We don’t take ourselves too seriously. We work hard, but we do so with a smile and a laugh!

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