Disposable helium cylinder

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  • lightweight, portable helium tank is perfect for mixing and matching balloons to customize your celebration.
  • Two options for choice: 30Lbs / 50Lbs
  • EC and DOT39 Standard.
  • Branded package and  custom printing on Cylinder are available.
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Disposable helium cylinder with Custom printing and  branded package.
EC and DOT39 standard are available

Two sizes: for 30 balloons and 50 balloons

  • The 30Lbs helium tank inflates up to 30, 9" latex balloons; 16, 11" latex balloons; or 16, 18" foil/Mylar balloons.
  • The 50Lbs helium tank inflates up to 50, 9" latex balloons; 27, 11" latex balloons; or 27, 18" foil/Mylar balloons.

Pure helium.

Low price does not mean Low quality.

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